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On Wednesday night, I watched the end of a thrilling NBA game where the Toronto Raptors came back from a 20 point deficit to the Milwaukee Bucks and ended up tying the game with less than a second left to play. They lost in overtime by three points, but it reminded me how exciting a basketball game can be. And come this spring, basketball excitement will come to the Town Toyota Center in Wenatchee, with a new team: the Wenatchee Bighorns, an expansion franchise in The Basketball League, a 44-team minor league organization. Anthony Williams is a team co-owner, and the Chief Executive Officer:

Sterling is Sterling Fournier (four-knee-AA), the Chief Marketing Officer; Chase is Chase Larsen, the Chief Operating Officer; both are also co-owners of the Bighorns, which are named, as you've probably figured out, after the sheep you see along the highway. Williams says the goal is to create a product that can attract kids and families:

The bighorns start their inaugural season with a three-game homestand March 2nd; their first opponent is the Seattle Superhawks, they'll face the Salem Capitals March 5th, and host the Newfoundland Rogues March 7th, before facing the Superhawks at Seattle Pacific University on March 10th. Tickets for all home games are available, single game tickets start at fifteen dollars, season passes start at 120 dollars. You can find out more at

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