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The relatively new NCW Hazmat Team was put to the test on Sunday when a fire at St Jude's Landing apartment building on South Mission Street in Wenatchee led to the evacuation of around 200 occupants.

Residents reported fire, explosions, and hazardous materials at the scene, prompting authorities to upgrade it to a hazmat situation. Wenatchee Valley Fire Spokesperson Kay Mckellar says the incident commander called for the dispatch of the NCW Hazmat Team, with Ballard ambulance providing patient care and Link Transit offering transportation assistance if needed.

Upon arrival on the fourth floor, responding crews discovered that a cooking fire had already been extinguished. They conducted tests on the materials present and determined that they were not hazardous and residents were eventually allowed to return to their homes. No injuries were reported.

The NCW Hazmat Team, consisting of Wenatchee Valley Fire, Chelan Fire Rescue, and Moses Lake Fire, was recently formed thanks to a Department of Ecology grant. The grant facilitated the acquisition of equipment and training for the team, ensuring their preparedness to handle hazardous incidents.

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