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The Community Foundation of North Central Washington's “Give NCW” campaign wrapped up last Saturday, and the numbers are in. More than 611-thousand dollars has been handed out to 73 non profits in Chelan, Douglas and Okanogan counties. This is the eighth year for Give NCW, which was created to build awareness of nonprofit organizations that are serving the region, and to provide an easy way for anyone to give with a minimum donation of just $10.

Of non-profits in Chelan, Chelan Valley Hope was awarded $10,281 dollars, and the Chelan Valley Housing Trust got $9,566. Thrive Chelan Valley received 59-hundred dollars.

In Okanogan County, seven non profits came away from Give NCW with a total of almost 26-thousand dollars, including the Okanogan Valley Orchestra and Chorus, the Okanogan County Search and Rescue Association, and the Okanogan County Community Action Council.

Give NCW was open to any 501c3 nonprofit organization located in Chelan, Douglas, or Okanogan counties and had received at least one of the foundation’s competitive grants in the past. They were able to raise funds for specific projects or their core operations. Twenty-one nonprofits raised over $10,000.

The top fundraisers were the Women's Resource Center of NCW, with more than 30-thousand dollars, SAGE - which stands for Safety, Advocacy, Growth and Empowerment – with more than 26 thousand, and Chelan Douglas County Volunteer Attorney Services, more than 21 thousand dollars.

The foundation provided added incentives to encourage and motivate giving, such as Funday Monday in which donors won $1,000 to use on Give NCW any way they chose. There was also an option to “Give to All” to support all participating organizations and have their donation matched. This year the $50,000 match to Give to All was met and provided each nonprofit with more than $1,400 in extra donations.

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