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It might be worth taking a drive to Wenatchee, if only to fill up your gas tank. It seems there's a gas war of sorts going on in Wenatchee, with prices now anywhere from 50 cents to as much as a dollar per gallon cheaper than here in Chelan. It started several weeks ago at the intersection of South Mission and Ferry Streets, where the stations there all had a price of around 4-89 a gallon. Then the Wenatchee Valley Quick Stop, an independent not affiliated with a major gas company, started lowering its price, first to 4-79, then 4-39, then last week to 4-19 a gallon. The two stations across the street, a 7-Eleven and a 76, started lowering its prices to keep up, while stations on the north end of Wenatchee kept their prices closer to five dollars a gallon.

Then checking prices Monday night, the Wenatchee Valley Quick Stop had lowered its price to 3-99-point nine a gallon, with the 7-Eleven at 4-19 and the 76 across the street at 4-29. But now the stations on the north end are starting to follow suit, with the Circle K on North Wenatchee Avenue at 4-31 a gallon; it had been 40 cents higher last week. At the Beer Stop at First Street and Chelan Avenue, it was 4-89 a gallon; Monday night it was 4-49. And seems the gas war is spreading to East Wenatchee as well, with Circle K on Valley Mall Parkway at 4-29 Monday night; that morning it was as much as 4-79. Fred Meyer a week ago was at 4-59, now it's at 4-29. Costco in East Wenatchee is now at 4-19 a gallon.

So, if saving some money is your thing, a little trip to Wenatchee might be a good idea, no offense to any stations around here. The big question is how long it will last; my guess is not too long.

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