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Updated: Jun 21

Two people were fatally shot and three others sustained injuries during a shooting at a campground near The Gorge Amphitheatre Saturday night.

The incident took place outside the Beyond Wonderland festival, as stated by Kyle Foreman, a spokesperson for the Grant County Sheriff's Office, during a press conference on Saturday night. After the shooting, the perpetrator left the scene while law enforcement personnel commenced a search, and the shooter began firing indiscriminately into the crowd. The suspect was subsequently apprehended and is counted among the three injured individuals. No information regarding the victims or the motives behind the shooting was available at that time.

Sources cited by KCPQ-TV in Seattle reported that the suspect had targeted festival staff. Beyond Wonderland, a west coast electronic dance music festival, urged the public to avoid the closed Gorge Gate H campgrounds, where the incident occurred.

Despite the shootings, the concert proceeded as scheduled, as confirmed by the sheriff's office. The Gorge Amphitheatre is located approximately 10 miles southwest of Quincy. The investigation continues.

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