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There's a feral cat problem in the Chelan and Manson areas, and April Leaf is working to reduce the problem. She heads the Chelan Valley Feral Cat Project:

Veterinary Clinics around the area are giving a helping hand, Leaf says Dr. Barb at the Village Pet does services on feral cats for half off the regular price, and there's a vet in Okanogan helping out as well. Leaf says there are benefits to the cats that are trapped and worked on . . .

Leaf also says there are benefits to the goat and sheep populations, for wild cats can pass microorganisms to wild sheep that causes them to lose their babies.

After the cats are altered, they are released to the area where they were found, for feral cats live in colonies where they actually have a social structure.

Leaf says if you know of cats that need to be trapped and altered, you can contact April Leaf by email at; the feral cat project needs donations of money, food, cat toys and waterbowls and that kind of stuff; Leaf is also looking for volunteers. That email again is

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