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Today is election day in Washington State, the day to get your ballot in the drop box, or the mailbox if you so choose. Although there are plenty of offices to be elected, there aren't many contested races.

They include, of course, the big one, the race for mayor of Chelan, with incumbent Mayor Bob Goedde running against City Councilmember Erin McCardle. All four Chelan City Council positions are uncontested. There's also the Fire District #7 Commissioners race, with Ben Laughlin going up against former Chelan Fire & Rescue Chief Mark Donnell.

An interesting situation in the race for Lake Chelan Health Hospital Commissioner, with Mary Signorelli on the ballot against Len England, although we should remind you that Signorelli resigned from the commission in June and withdrew her candidacy, but that came too late to take her name off the primary election ballot, and she won that race with 42 percent of the vote, and so by law her name is on the general election ballot. Signorelli has asked that you not vote for her.

In Manson, the race for School Board Member in district two pits Kourtney Alanis against current School Board Director Aurora Flores. All School Board races in the Lake Chelan, Stehekin, Entiat and Pateros school districts are uncontested.

There are three contested races for the Manson Parks Commission: Ivan de Jesus versus David Sneesby for position number 2; Leslie Burns against Randall Alexander Reed for position number 4, and Susie Miller Cox running against Rob Campbell for position number 6.

Chelan County Port Commissioner Richard DeRock is running unopposed for his District 3 seat.

In Entiat, the mayor's seat is up for grabs, with Renee Swearingen going against Michael “Buck” Buckingham.

There's one county-wide race, and that's for assessor, with Wes Cornelius up against Mark C. Miller.

A reminder that ballots are due in the drop boxes behind Chelan City Hall and at the Manson Library before 8 pm, you can also mail your ballot, but be sure it is postmarked with today's date, or it won't be counted.

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