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It promises to be a busy summer on the lake this year, so Water Safety Month is a good time to prepare for not only the good times, but for what can happen when things turn bad, and the ways to prevent them. Lake Chelan Health EMS Coordinator Ray Eikmeyer has some tips for staying safe:

Eikmeyer stresses the use – or at least the carrying – of a life jacket; a lot of paddleboarders don't like wearing life jackets, and Eikmeyer says not wearing one could lead to danger:

If you're going to swim in the lake, Eikmeyer has a few simple reminders about the “Toos:”

Eikmeyer was asked if there are any differences between swimming in pool and swimming in the lake, he said depth knowledge was the main difference:

Eikmeyer added that first aid kits are a good idea and bringing along Epipens as well.