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Boat-in camp sites on Lake Chelan are buzzing with activity as summer arrives. Starting from May 1, dock permits have become mandatory until the end of October for the 15 docks managed by the U.S. Forest and National Park Services. Recreationists using these docks must prominently display a "Lake Chelan Federal Dock Site Permit," according to Forest Service spokesperson Robin DeMario. This requirement applies exclusively to Forest Service-built docks and does not extend to other docking facilities.

Daily permits are priced at $10, while a season pass costs $75. Permits can be conveniently purchased at Hooked On Toys in Wenatchee, five locations in Chelan and Mason, and a lodge in Stehekin. Dock capacities range from two to 17 boats, except for Stehekin Landing, which accommodates 41 boats. Positioned adjacent to the docks, boat-in camp sites offer various amenities, including tent sites, picnic tables, fire rings, and toilets. Access to these campsites is measured by distance from 25-Mile Creek State Park.

The Forest Service has utilized funds from dock permit sales to repair several docks, with ongoing repairs currently underway at Graham Harbor dock.

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