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Yet another hearing was held on Tuesday for 27-year old Dalton Potter to determine if he would be subjected to a competency hearing. Potter is accused of killing his former girlfriend in January on Badger Mountain Road in Douglas County.

At the hearing Tuesday Potter spoke out after remaining silent and refusing to answer questions in his three previous court appearances. Potter told the judge “Your honor, I didn't ask for this guy to represent me and I have no idea who he is." He went on to claim he has been misrepresented since entering the jail.

Jessy Collins, Potter's court appointed defense attorney had expressed his frustration with Potter and an inability to communicate with his client. As a result, Collins filed for the competency examination. In response, the prosecution filed a motion to block the examination, suggesting there was an insufficient basis to doubt Potter's competence, and argued that the accused understood his rights and options. Presiding court commissioner Phil Safer rejected the argument, saying Potter's rationality could be called into question by his behavior. He also said the court had the discretion to order a competency evaluation in any case in which the defendant is charged with first- or second-degree murder (Potter faces first degree murder charges).

Safar granted the request for a competency evaluation, which will be performed by a specialist from Eastern State Hospital at the Chelan County Jail. Potter's next hearing is scheduled February 28th.

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