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It's looking to be a really nice weekend around here, with temperatures we haven't seen since summer. But if you're planning on heading into the water, be careful: Chelan County Public Works is asking you to be aware of water conditions. A message on social media from the National Weather Service says warm air can create a false sense of security and warns that unplanned immersion into cold water can lead to cold water shock, physical incapacitation, or hypothermia. Chelan County Sheriff's Sergeant Rob Huddleston says this is the time to be aware, and be careful:

If you're heading into the water this weekend, a good idea is to wear a lifejacket and don't head into the water alone. The weather service says when Cold Shock and Hypothermia begin to impact a person's ability to think and act, lifejackets and floatation devices significantly increases the chances for survival, and can create extra time for help to arrive or for the person to get out of danger.

They say 55-degree water can be deadly, as cold water drains body heat up to four times faster than cold air. "Cold shock” can cause dramatic changes in breathing, heart rate and blood pressure.

So once again, be prepared this weekend, and have fun, but be careful.