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Chelan County Commissioners will soon be getting the recommendations from the Rural Zoning and Subdivision Task Force that's been meeting for about six months. Representatives from all different areas of Chelan County, including Leavenworth, Manson, Malaga, and Peshastin, as well as developers, contractors, agriculture and real estate worked on the code review. At Tuesday's Manson Community Council meeting, council members John Frolker and Chris Willoughby, who both sat on the task force, gave an overview of what will be going to the commissioners. Recommendations deal with AC and RR parcels, and Willoughby said the object was to get rid of so-called “substandard” parcels:

That's John Frolker, who explained a substandard parcel:

Frolker said he thought the task force was well balanced, and came up with sensible recommendations. Once a final report is finished, it will go to the county commission, who can adopt all of them, some of them, or ignore them completely.