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The main opposition to the city of Chelan's Tax Increment Financing proposal, which, if the city goes ahead with it, will build water infrastructure in East Chelan, has come from Junior Taxing Districts, such as Chelan Fire and Rescue and Lake Chelan Health, who fear a large cut to their income from property taxes. But city officials say they shouldn't be worried. In a conversation with KOZI News last week, City Administrator Wade Farris and Community Development Director John Ajax said their consultant, Stowe Development and Strategies, had been doing new research, and Ajax said the result was different than what had previously been thought:

And both Farris and Ajax said those numbers had been confirmed by the State Department of Revenue, whose what they called “guru” of TIFs vetted the analysis. Still, Ajax says they are adding language in the ordinance the council will be voting on May 24th to aid the taxing districts:

There is a special council workshop schedule for 2 pm on Thursday to discuss TIF. Taxing Districts have been invited to take part. The public is invited to attend but will not be allowed to comment during the workshop.