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The topic of acquiring the Chelan Butte was the first issue at Tuesday's City Council workshop. It was standing room only in the Chelan City Council chambers while the topic was discussed, with first a presentation by Wenatchee Parks Director Dave Erickson on the process the City of Wenatchee undertook to save the Wenatchee Foothills which included some things Chelan could do with the Butte. Afterward, the Council had some brief comments, started off by Mayor Bob Goedde, who expressed his concerns:

Then, the Mayor-Pro-Tem, Councilman John Olson spoke:

There is a resolution, likely to be taken up at next week's council meeting, that commits the city to take actions deemed necessary to preserve areas of the Butte for public use. But just who is going to help the city take that on is the question on most minds. City Administrator Wade Farris:

Councilman Tim Hollingsworth followed up:

The resolution states that the city has put half a million dollars in its 2023-2027 Capital Improvements Plan to purchase up to 875 acres of the Butte properties, and is a co-applicant for a Local Community Project request for 300-thousand dollars from the Washington State Capital Budget for a planning grant. What wasn't discussed was how much time the city or any group has to complete a purchase of the Butte. But with another group already looking to buy the property, it's clear that the clock is ticking.

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