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Chelan County officials are seeking federal assistance for three projects in the works.

The county is seeking $4 million in funding for the Wenatchee Great Infrastructure Project. According to Chelan County Commissioner Kevin Overbay, the project will restore eleven headwaters and streams in the Wenatchee watershed. The project will also create natural water storage areas, wildfire fuel breaks, and flood reduction measures through natural processes. The Wenatchee Great Infrastructure Project was previously selected as an alternate to receive state funding through a grant process.

Another project in the works is the Totem Pole Road Improvement Project in Manson. The county is asking for $2 million in funding to improve the winding and narrow road, which has no sidewalks and poor stormwater facilities. The improvements will begin in downtown Manson and extend all the way to the school. The project aims to install infrastructure that will allow children attending Manson schools to walk safely, instead of having to take buses.

The county is seeking $5.8 million in federal funding for the project, with the remaining $2.2 million to come from local grants and matches.

Finally, Chelan County officials are asking for $1.2 million in funding to conduct preliminary studies associated with the possible construction of a regional behavioral health diversity facility. The facility would provide an alternate resource for assisting those in need of mental health services and keeping them out of the jail system.

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