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It being a few days before Thanksgiving, here comes the annual reminder about safe turkey cooking. As you hear every year, people make mistakes when it comes to using turkey fryers. You hear about garages and houses destroyed by fire because someone put too much oil in the fryer and it spilled over. Chelan Fire & Rescue Assistant Chief Shawn Sherman with some tips:

Where to put the turkey fryer is important, make sure it's at least ten feet from the house, garage or other buildings. One good idea for measuring how much oil to put in the fryer is to put the turkey in the fryer and then add water until it's covered by about half an inch. Then remove the bird, let any excess water to drain back into the pot, then measure the remaining water or mark the waterline as the maximum fill line before discarding the water. And make sure there is about three to five inches from the fill line to the top of the pot to prevent boil over, which could cause a fire.

When you're ready to cook, the Butterball people suggest placing the basket in the fryer for about 30 seconds once the oil is heated, then take the basket out, place the turkey in the basket and then slowly lower the turkey into the fryer. Cook the turkey for about three to four minutes per pound, and then when the turkey is done, let it stand for about 20 minutes before removing it from the basket for carving. And then enjoy.

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