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Leavenworth City Council and the planning commission recently discussed implementing tighter regulations for new bed and breakfasts in the city. Proposed changes include limiting available rooms for rent and imposing stricter rules. While no final decisions were made, there was consensus on the need for prompt action to prevent a surge in applications before the regulations change. Commission members prioritized changes like eliminating the option to rent out three bedrooms per bed and breakfast and allowing permits to expire under new ownership. Additional regulations, including restricting accessory dwelling units (ADUs) as bed and breakfasts and implementing a density cap for permitted establishments in specific areas, will be discussed in July.

Once finalized, recommendations will be translated into code and presented to the city council. Managing density aims to address impacts on neighborhoods and housing availability.

According to a commission member, around 2-2.5% of the current housing stock is used for bed and breakfasts. Regulations for ADUs, such as limitations on rental days per year, faced disagreement. The city's website reported two bed and breakfast applications in May, with a total of 22 operational establishments mentioned during the meeting.

Bed and breakfast density has been a recurring topic for the planning commission, with discussions on controlling inventory and the possibility of a moratorium on new establishments.

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