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Updated: Jun 21

Wenatchee Valley College and Confluence Health are joining forces to organize a simulated active shooter scenario this week. The college, in collaboration with local police, fire, and EMS agencies, aims to collectively prepare responders for such emergencies.

Mike Battis, Director of Operations at Ballard Ambulance, emphasized the significance of training, stating, "You do not rise to the occasion, but you fall to the level of your training." The exercise aims to ensure that responders are well-prepared to handle an active shooter situation effectively.

The drill, scheduled for Friday, June 24th at Wenatchee Valley College, will feature a significantly increased presence of first responders and law enforcement. Confluence Health, Wenatchee School District, Wenatchee Valley Fire Department, Wenatchee Police Department, Chelan County Sheriff's Office, and regional fire, police, and EMS agencies are all partaking in this joint effort. Battis mentioned the need for preparedness, citing previous incidents in the community and national headlines.

The exercise will involve volunteers from the college who will portray fictional patients with simulated injuries. The simulation will last approximately 2.5-3 hours, encompassing different response stages, including the initial college lockdown, law enforcement engagement, patient care by EMS and fire departments, and hospital response by Confluence Health. This exercise builds upon previous simulations conducted in the Wenatchee region, strengthening the community's readiness to handle active shooter situations.

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