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With the legislative session in Olympia now finished, it seems as though the 12th District made out pretty well. Representative Mike Steele:

The Capital Budget includes $170 million dollars in projects for the 12th District. The Chelan area will receive more than 14 million dollars for various projects, including 11 million dollars for Chelan Valley EMS Services, 2 million dollars for the Lake Chelan Food Bank, 1-point-7 million for the Community Center at Lake Chelan, 262 thousand for the Manson School District, and 202 thousand for the Manson Fire Station.

The 12th District's big winner is the Wenatchee Center for Technical Education and Innovation, which will be getting more than 46 million dollars of state money. Almost 20 million dollars will go to the Center for Alcohol and Drug Treatment in Wenatchee. Columbia Valley Community Health's East Wenatchee Dental Clinic will receive almost 2 million dollars, and Paul Thomas Sr. Field at Wenatchee Valley College – the home of the Wenatchee Applesox – will get 700 thousand dollars.

Steele said the budget will allow for lots of great things to happen across Washington State:

Both Steele and Representative Keith Goehner said it was time to come back home to North Central Washington. Sine Dai on the 68th session of the Washington Legislature came last (Sun) night.