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Updated: May 22

A 12-year-old boy from Grant County finds himself in the Chelan County juvenile detention center following allegations of threatening a schoolteacher.

Grant County deputies revealed that a Wahluke School District student had shared an alarming online post, featuring a photo of himself holding what appeared to be a handgun. The image also displayed a piece of paper with explicit language and the targeted teacher's name. Kyle Foreman, the official spokesperson, confirmed that the young individual is expected to face serious charges. "Deputies sought guidance from the Grant County Prosecuting Attorney's Office," Foreman stated. "Upon their recommendation, the 12-year-old was apprehended and subsequently booked for investigation of felony harassment."

Upon examination, law enforcement determined that the firearm in question was a replica, which has now been secured as evidence. Additionally, authorities were informed by the Wahluke District that the student has been expelled from the school. "With the safety and security of our students and staff being our utmost priority, the school district firmly believes in treating every threat seriously," emphasized Foreman.

While deputies have not been made aware of any previous incidents involving the student, the boy awaits a court appearance.

Due to the closure of the corresponding facility in Grant County several years ago, underage suspects from the area are now transported to the Chelan County juvenile detention center.

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