[7/14/16] Pateros & Brewster Celebrate Water Storage Tank Improvements On Friday

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They say water has become as precious as gold – and the communities of Brewster and Pateros will celebrate their pots of gold Friday.

The City of Brewster will hold a groundbreaking ceremony for the city’s long awaited water storage tank improvements project – and Pateros is holding an appreciation ceremony after recently receiving funding to replace their water system.

Both of those ceremonies will take place tomorrow.

Brewster’s groundbreaking ceremony will begin at 11AM and will kick off what Public Works Director for the City of Brewster, Lee Webster, calls a long overdue project…

071416 Water Systems 1 :28 “…just lining up finally.”

Just down the road, in Pateros, city officials are preparing to replace their entire water system that was destroyed by the 2014 Carlton Complex fire, and will be hosting an appreciation ceremony tomorrow afternoon.

Pateros Mayor, Carlene Anders, says before that ceremony begins, city officials will be rededicating the reflector art on the city water reservoirs that was recently redone.

Anders says the original artwork had been there for 33 years before it was destroyed by fire…

071416 Water Systems 2 :51 “…town after the fires.”

Pateros’ $7 million water system replacement project will kick off later this summer, but, Anders says, the project is moving forward…

071416 Water Systems 3 :28 “…and it’s all wonderful.”

Brewster’s groundbreaking ceremony will take place tomorrow morning at 11AM at the City’s Upper Reservoir.

Pateros’ Community Appreciation Ceremony and Reflector Art Re-dedication will take place at 2PM at Memorial Park in Pateros.