[6/3/16] Pateros Aligns Funding For Water System

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 The City of Pateros is moving forward on their new water system after receiving word that funding has been secured for the $7.3 million project.

As part of the project, two new wells will be drilled, a new water tower will be built ad pipes will be installed to connect residents to the new system.

Pateros Mayor, Carlene Anders, says the project will fix the town’s water issues that have been amplified from back to back wildfire seasons…

 Funding sources for the project, Anders explains, is a mix of various parts…

That, Anders says, will likely raise rates up to $10/month.

The next step: the city will begin test drilling for two new wells…

Once the new wells are drilled- the City of Pateros will begin to decommission the current wells in preparation for abandonment.

Anders said state Sen. Linda Evans Parlette was instrumental in securing funding, along with Reps. Brad Hawkins and Cary Condotta, and Jon Wyss, chairman of the Okanogan County Long Term Recovery Group.