[2/27/17] Pair Of Meetings Regarding Woodin Bridge As A One-Way

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The City of Chelan is looking for input from both business owners and the general public on the proposal to “one-way” the 90-year-old Woodin Street Bridge. And to get that input, they’re holding two meetings this week.

The first meeting, set for Wednesday, is for business owners, some of who no doubt have concerns about the potential impact a one-way bridge will have on their shops. One of those business owners who has come around on the one-way idea is Mayor Mike Cooney:

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The Mayor says the plan will allow those who want to come into downtown Chelan to still do so, while improving and enhancing pedestrian safety.

City officials say they’ll line out all the details of the one-way concept and take questions and comments at the Wednesday meeting, which gets under way at 5:30 at City Hall. A second meeting for the general public will be held Thursday at the same time.