[4/29/22] “Our Methow Home” Presentation

Posted in Community, Education

If you’ve ever wondered about the town of Methow as you’re driving up Highway 153, you have a chance to find out about it tonight and tomorrow. The Shafer Historical Museum is presenting its third series of Methow Valley histories, “Our Methow Home,” this time focusing on the town of Methow. Sharon Sumpter is the museum coordinator, and will be presenting the program:

Sumpter has been working with descendents of four families who settled in Methow in the 1890s to put the program together, first in book form, but also in a video that will be shown. Anybody is welcome to attend, and Sumpter wants them to leave with an appreciation for the area:

“Our Methow Home” will be presented tonight (Fri) at 7:30 at the Methow Community Center in Methow, and again tomorrow (Sat) at 2 p.m. at the Twisp Grange in Twisp. Admission is free, and is open to all ages.