[11/21/17] One Manson Class Is Working On A Tiny Project That Is Gaining Big Momentum

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One Manson High School class is working on a tiny project that is gaining Big momentum.

They’re building a house– a very tiny house…

112117 Tiny House 1 :17 “…by the end of may.”

That’s Manson teacher, Kevin Sanford, who is overseeing the students build the 180 square foot house….

112117 Tiny House 2 :03 “…as the students are.”

The Tiny House project is not only timely, it’s applicable for students in the valley because of the growing construction field.

It’s also beneficial to the community with the lack of affordable housing.

The complete tiny house will serve as a means to generate jobs and housing opportunities for the community.

Sanford, who was a general contractor before becoming a school teacher, floated the idea a few years ago, but it stalled out– that’s when Manson School Superintendent, Matt Charlton got involved…

112117 Tiny House 3 :17 “…dried in right now.”

Kevin said the plan is to use the proceeds from the sale of their first house to purchase the materials for a second house and create a sustainable program.

They have already fielded several inquiries into purchasing the Tiny House.