[7/14/21] Okanogan Deputy Hits Car

Posted in Law Enforcement, Transportation

An Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office deputy, who State Patrol says was driving while distracted, rear-ended a car near downtown Omak.

30-year-old Deputy Eric Orr of Okanogan, was southbound on Highway 215 at last Wednesday  when he failed to notice a car in front of him, said Washington State Patrol spokesman John Bryant.

65-year-old Deborah Moore of Okanogan had slowed for traffic near 2nd Avenue, he said.

Orr, while in a government-issued Ford Explorer, hit the back of Moore’s Chevrolet Traverse. An ambulance crew transported Moore to Mid-Valley Hospital after she reported having neck and back pains.

A truck towed the Ford Explorer from the scene. The Traverse was driven off of the scene of the crash.

State Patrol closed down a lane on the highway for 50 minutes while investigating the crash, he said. Information from the investigation will be sent over to the sheriff’s office, which can then choose if it wants to proceed with a citation or some form of action.