[9/24/21] Okanogan County Salmon Grants

Posted in Environment

Okanogan County will receive more than one-point-two million dollars from the Salmon Recovery Funding Board for five projects.  They include the purchase of a half-acre along the Methow River near Mazama, conserving it for fish habitat. 

Another grant will develop preliminary designs for projects to change the Sugar Levee on the Methow River and restore the area. The levee was built in 1973 and has contributed to significant erosion on both banks of the river. 

A third grant will allow the Yakama Nation to restore the Twisp River floodplain, placing large wood structures in nearly three-quarter mile of the lower Twisp River.  Adding logs to a river creates places for fish to rest, feed, and hide from predators. It also slows the river, which reduces erosion and allows small rocks to settle to the bottom, creating areas for salmon to spawn. 

And another grant will allow for the Yakima Nation to improve salmon and steelhead habitat in 3-point-nine miles of the Twisp River.