[11/12/21] Okanogan County PUD’s Power Mix

Posted in Public Utility

At its meeting Monday, the Okanogan County PUD Board met, and heard the annual fuel mix report that explains where the power comes from.

In 2020, the vast majority of power in Okanogan County PUD territory came from hydropower – about 83%, which is up from 81% in 2019.
Other main sources – although significantly less than hydropower – were: nuclear at nearly 7%, sourced from the Columbia Generating Station; and wind at just under 4%, sourced mainly from the Nine Canyon Wind Project.

The PUD’s mix also involved small amounts (0.02%) of coal and of (0.15%) of natural gas, the only specified carbon sources in the mix. With that in mind, the PUD is still considered nearly 94% carbon-free, which is well within the state’s goal of 80% carbon-free by 2030.

You can find the fuel mix report, along with comparisons from the past year and the state is posted on the PUD website, www.okanoganpud.org.