[9/24/21] Okanogan County Fire Grant

Posted in Fire and EMS

Okanogan County Fire District 6, which covers the Methow Valley, has received more than 244 thousand dollars from the Federal Emergency Management Agency from its Assistance to Firefighters Grant, for supporting operations and safety, that according to Congressman Dan Newhouse. 

The money will go to by breathing equipment – 36 sets of tanks, harnesses and face masks, a complete replacement of the district’s breathing equipment.  Fire District 6 Chief Cody Acord said it’s less than what the district requested.  The equipment has a 15-year lifespan, and must be replaced to maintain safety for firefighters, who need the oxygen tanks and breathing systems to enter a burning structure safely.  He adds the current equipment will be outdated in a few years.

The full cost is about $252,000. The district is expected to pay a 5% match.

Douglas County was also awarded more than 271 thousand dollars from the same grant.