[12/10/21] October Unemployment Numbers For Okanogan County

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Jobless numbers for Okanogan County for October were released earlier this week. The unemployment rate dropped from 5-point-9 percent in October of last year to 4-point-3 percent this October. Regional Labor Economist Don Meseck is back to explain:

As a matter of fact, it’s down about four percent from 2019 levels. Meseck blames that on more residents retiring – especially baby boomers; child care issues, especially in two parent households, that may be causing one parent to stay home; residents returning to school or college full time; and residents becoming so-called “discouraged workers” and dropping out of the labor force.

But, more people are working. So who’s doing the hiring in Okanogan County?

Meseck says construction jobs are down in Okanogan County in October, but he sees that as an anomaly and says he wouldn’t be surprised to see that number rise in November and December reports.