[10/7/16] Now Is A Good Time To Prepare For Icy Roads & Winter Driving

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With winter weather conditions creeping lower and lower in elevation, it’s time to start preparing yourself and your vehicle for winter weather conditions.

The first order of business, suggests Chelan County Sheriff’s Sergeant, Rob Huddleston, is to pack appropriate items into your vehicle…

100716 Winter Driving 1 :10 “…with an emergency kit.”

Washington State Department of Transportation suggests packing an emergency kit that includes tire chains, an ice scraper, jumper cables, flares, a flashlight, extra batteries, a blanket, nonperishable snacks, water, gloves, boots and a basic first aid kit.

It’s also important, reminds Sergeant Huddleston, to be aware of freezing moisture on the roadways…

100716 Winter Driving 2 :19 “…be prepared for that.”

More tips from WSDOT:

Protect yourself and your passengers. Allow extra time to reach your destination during inclement weather.
Practice the following:

  • Do not use cruise control.

  • Four-wheel and all-wheel vehicles do not stop or steer better on ice.

  • Leave extra room between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you. And remember, the larger the vehicle, the longer the stopping distance.

  • Slow down when approaching intersections, off ramps, bridges, or shady spots.

  • If you find yourself behind a snowplow, slow down and give the plow a little extra room.

  • Slow down and be extra cautious near the chain-up and removal areas. There are often people out of their vehicles.