[1/27/19] No More Pencils, No More Books – Now it’s a Chromebook

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For those of a certain age, we remember going to school cradling an armload of school books around us from class to class. But that was so 20th century. Things have changed, and the Lake Chelan School District is at the forefront of it. As Lake Chelan School Superintendent Barry diPaoli tells it, everything we used to cart around as kids is now on just one Chromebook tablet that kids are assigned by the school:

The Chromebooks, which cost the school district about 300 dollars each, is part of what’s called the “One on One” program, which was made possible by a technology levy passed by voters several years ago. diPaoli says the goal was to put every student on the digital landscape with a Chromebook:

But, as it seems with everything of a technological level these days, there are some challenges that weren’t anticipated:

diPaoli says the district is kind of pioneering the way in dealing with this, although several large school districts also have “One on One” programs, but he sees it as an overall plus:

One benefit he sees is that since students have been assigned their Chromebooks, they take ownership of them, and damage to them is minimal.