[6/20/21] No Decision In Bridgeport Recall Hearing

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No decision in the petition to recall all five members of the Bridgeport City Council.  A hearing was held Friday in Douglas County Superior Court with Judge John Huber’s hearing the evidence presented by Bridgeport resident Michael Knox, Knox contending that the Council’s members have been negligent in filing annual financial reports for the city’s Transportation Benefit District for the years 2017, 2018 and 2019.  Although in answering Judge Huber’s questions, he stated he didn’t think the failure to file the reports was intentional.  Much of the hearing centered on whether Knox, who is representing himself, had sent the packet of documents outlining his case to the Council’s attorney, Julie Norton, and how the members of the council had been notified of the recall petition.  Norton said she hadn’t received the 26 pages of plaintiff’s documents.  There was also a question of the timing of the petition, since it was stated by Douglas County Auditor Thad Duvall that four of the five members of the council are coming up for election in November, which might make a recall a moot point.  Judge Huber continued the hearing, said the court would send Norton copies of Knox’s documents, and give her until close of business next Friday, June 25th, to respond, and if necessary, give Knox an opportunity to respond after that.  So a decision in the recall petition looks to be at least another week away.