[7/14/21] No Bridgeport Council Recall

Posted in Local Government & Meetings

A Bridgeport man’s push to recall the entire Bridgeport City Council has been turned away.

Bridgeport resident Michael Knox claimed the five-member council failed to provide spending reports of the Bridgeport Transportation Benefit District.

Named in the petition were city council members Matthew Schuh, Mike Bjornstad, Jacqueline Hentges, Esiquio “Zeke” Martinez and Sergio Orozco.

Douglas County Superior Court Judge Brian Huber ruled last week that Knox’s allegations weren’t enough to warrant a recall, and said there was no evidence of intent to violate the law.

The city established the district in 2016 to collect a 20 dollar vehicle licensing fee from citizens to provide funding for transportation-related projects and equipment.  Knox claims the council has not released required annual reports.

In his decision, Huber noted that Knox did not show that the city council members who also serve on the TBD board, were responsible for publishing the reports — and not the city clerk and treasurer Judy Brown.

Brown filed with the court audits of the TBD by the state Auditor’s Office for the years 2017 through 2019, which found, in their words, “nothing came to our attention in the areas we reviewed that caused us to believe the District was not in substantial compliance with applicable state laws, regulations, and its own policies, or had significant weaknesses in controls over the safeguarding of public resources.”