[10/8/18] New Zamboni for Winthrop?

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The generic term for a Zamboni is an “ice resurfacer.” They lay down a layer of clean water on an ice rink, which then freezes to form a smooth ice surface. The first one was developed in California by Frank Zamboni in 1947. Zamboni is a trademarked name, but regardless of brand or manufacturer, they’re called “Zambonis.” And they need a new one in Winthrop, as Mayor Sally Ranzau explains:

Apparently new Zambonis go for as much as 120-thousand dollars, but the association that runs the town’s ice rink has a line on a gently used machine that costs only 80-thousand dollars:

The 40-thousand dollars will come from Winthrop’s L-TAC committee. Ranzau says the ice rink generally breaks even for the town, although she didn’t know Zambonis were so expensive: