[6/23/21] New Name For Waterville Fairgrounds

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The North Central Washington Fairgrounds in Waterville is now called the Douglas County Fairgrounds — Home of the North Central Washington Fair.

According to Carolyn Morley, the manager of the NCW Fair, since the Fair is put on by Douglas County, she really wanted the entire county to feel connected to the fair, which is how the name change started.

With more than 4-thousand dollars in funding from Northwest Farm Credit Service and the Waterville Community Foundation, they were able to get some new signs, and landscaping to show off the name change.

And although the fairgrounds has a new name, the fair is still the NCW Fair, but it is no longer a district fair, Morely says they want businesses, and organizations and kids in Douglas County to feel a connection to the fair.

The change in the fairgrounds’ name was also supported by the 15-member Fair Board.