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Some shift changes in the North County Detachment of the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office will mean a new face on the lake this summer. He’s Deputy Will Tungle, who up until recently was on the overnight shift. Deputy Tungle says working a day shift has its advantages, for there’s a different vibe overnight, meaning that people out and about at 3 in the morning may be either in trouble, or looking for trouble. But Tungle adds he’s looking forward to being on the Marine Patrol, mainly for the wide variety of things that he’ll come into contact with. 

Deputy Tungle says he’s been working six years toward the goal of working on the Lake, and sees his assignment to the Marine Patrol as a dream come true. One of the things he says he’d like to accomplish is to better educate those who travel to the Chelan area to recreate on the Lake, on the things to know about the Lake – before they rent that boat or jet ski.

The Deputy says the hope is to have a video on-line so that tourists can actually see what they need to know, rather than reading a written checklist. He says it would save many hours in patrol time.