[4/27/18] New Home For North Central Region Of The Washington State Department Of Transportation

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The North Central Region for the Washington State Department of Transportation has a new home. Marcus Bellissimo, with KOZI’s sister station: KOHO 101 in Wenatchee, reports…

Thirty-five years after bringing in temporary, modular offices, the local headquarters of the Washington State Department of Transportation is moving into a brand new facility. The original facility on N.Wenatchee Ave. had reached the end of its usefulness. Jeff Adamson is the Communications Manager for the North Central Region of the WSDOT.

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“….attempt to remodel it.”

The decision to replace the original facility was actually made about 30 years ago, but it wasn’t until recently that the idea came to fruition.

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“….and we started moving in.”

The new headquarters is one of several Connecting Washington transportation projects completed over the past year. The new two-story, 30,000 sqft facility in Olds Station cost $8.7 million to construct and will house 130 employees. The older buildings on North Wenatchee Ave. will likely be demolished, allowing the site to ultimately be redeveloped and returned to the city tax roll. But not before some aspects of the building are salvaged. If you grew-up and/or live in or near Wenatchee or have just travelled through, you have seen the original DOT facility with the later era art deco font on the façade of the building the reads “State of Washington Department of Highways.” If you were wondering if as to the future of the signage on the original building, Jeff Adamson has the answer.

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“….as well may be salvaged.”

This morning at 11 a.m., state and city officials will host a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the front entrance to the new building at the corner of Euclid Avenue and Gunn Road in Olds Station. The new DOT North Central Region office will consolidate administration and engineering, housing both the Region Office and Project Engineering staffs.