[3/10/22] New Faces At HDCA

Posted in Business & Economy

The Historic Downtown Chelan Association has a new Executive Director; she’s Aimee Sheridan, and she assumed the office on Monday. But she’s no stranger to the HDCA:

And while she’s spending the next couple of weeks, as she says on the HDCA’s website, figuring out how to use the printer in the office, she told us she’s not looking to make any radical changes, saying that when you move into a new house, to have to live in it a while before you remodel the kitchen. But does the HDCA need remodeling?

So what does Sheridan see for the HDCA – and for downtown Chelan – in the long-term picture?

Sheridan is not the only new face at the HDCA, there’s also Kiersten Sahlberg, the new Marketing and Programs Coordinator. Sahlberg comes to the HDCA with a background in land use planning and development, having spent five years as a project manager in Bellingham after receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Urban Planning and Environmental Policy.