[9/27/21] New COVID Case Numbers

Posted in Health

Another drop in COVID case numbers in Chelan and Douglas counties. The latest from the Chelan – Douglas Health District puts it at 865 per hundred thousand residents as of last Wednesday, that’s down from 984 the week prior. 1,012 new cases have been reported in the two counties between September 9th and the 20th, 651 in Chelan County, 361 in Douglas. The vaccination rate is still going up slowly, now almost 64 percent of Chelan County residents have had their first shot, more than 57 percent are fully jabbed. In Douglas County, those numbers are 57 and 50 percent.

Now, to Okanogan County, where their two week incidence rate is virtually unchanged from last week at 1,164 per hundred thousand residents. As of Friday, 502 new cases had been reported in the previous 14 days. The vaccination rate has been corrected; now more than 65 percent of residents have had one dose, with almost 60 percent having had both shots.