[4/15/22] New Assistant Fire Chief

Posted in Fire and EMS

There’s a new Assistant Fire Chief at Chelan Fire and Rescue.  But he’s no stranger: Shawn Sherman is entering his twenty-sixth year as a firefighter. He started as a volunteer firefighter with Chelan Fire and Rescue in 1995, was hired as a career firefighter in 2011 and quickly rose to the rank of Captain.

Shawn has an extensive background in wildland firefighting.  Shawn has been heavily involved with many of the devastating fires that have occurred in the Chelan Valley and surrounding areas.  In his early years, he was a Helitack Firefighter and even spent some time training in Australia.  Shawn is the leader of Chelan Fire and Rescue’s marine and rescue swimmer programs.  Shawn’s father, Del Sherman, also retired as a volunteer firefighter with Chelan Fire and Rescue.  Shawn Sherman takes the post that was held by Brandon Asher once he took over as chief with the retirement of Mark Donnell.