[1/25/21] NCW Remains in Phase I

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According to the State Department of Health, None of the regions in the state qualified for Phase 2. There are four metrics a region needs to meet to qualify for an advanced phase, and the North Central Region, which includes Chelan, Douglas, Okanogan and Grant counties, only met two of those four metrics:  The number of people getting hospitalized with COVID-19 decreased by 12%, and only needed to decrease by 10%. The number of intensive care unit beds occupied in the region is at 84%, and needs to be less than 90%.

The region did not pass the other two metrics, which include the rate of COVID-19 in the community, which decreased by one percent, but needs to decrease by ten percent to pass that metric; and the percentage of COVID cases coming back positive, which increased by 14 percent. To pass that metric, it needs to decrease by ten percent.

As a result, Phase 1 continues. It prohibits indoor social gatherings, and limits outdoor social gatherings to ten people. Indoor dining is prohibited, gym use is by appointment and limited to 45 minutes, and one person per 500 square feet; weddings and funerals have to be outdoors and are limited to 30 people. Although low and moderate outdoor fitness is allowed, such as hunting, fishing, motorsports, parks, camping and hiking.