[2/20/19] Narcotics Conference

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Chelan County Sergeant Chris Foreman recently returned from Washington, DC, where he took part in the National Narcotics Officers Association Coalition, where task forces from 45 states took part. The takeaway from that conference comes down to a simple declarative statement:

Narcotics – and specifically opiates – are the main problem, Foreman says, and it’s goten worse since his time on the Mid-Columbia Drug Task Force, on which he spent seven years:

And much of the narcotics coming into the area are flooding into the country from south of the border and cartels that control both the flow and the price of the stuff:

And Foreman adds that if you ever think of drug use as a “victimless crime,” think again, for there are plenty of examples:

Foreman said that while he was in DC, he was able to speak with our Congressional representatives about getting more money for enforcement; he adds there’s efforts to add more money for drug task forces. Also, a local opiates stakeholders meeting has been trying to get solutions, including having Narcan available to all law enforcement in the valley to reverse the effects of an overdose.