[2/3/22] More Resignations In Okanogan County Prosecutor’s Office

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A couple of days ago, we told you of the resignation last week of Okanogan County Prosecutor Melanie Bailey. Now there’s another resignation to tell you about: Chief Criminal Deputy Felecia Chandler, one of the longest-tenured employees in the prosecutor’s office, is also resigning, as of Feb 28. Chandler has been with the prosecutor’s office for almost 18 years.

Chandler submitted her resignation on Jan. 11 and intended to leave the same day as Bailey, but she agreed to stay until the end of February.

In her letter, Chandler said she was announcing her resignation, in her words, “with a very heavy heart.” Her resignation, quoting again, “allows the newly appointed Prosecutor to appoint their own Chief and saves me the risk of potential termination.” Chandler said she had looked at various options to try to stay on through the transition, even if temporarily, where she could effectively step down as Chief, but none of them worked, she said.

Chandler wrote that Bailey tried hard to find a workable solution for her. She also invited the county to reach out should the newly appointed prosecutor wish to re-appoint her to her former position in Drug Court and Juvenile Court.

Chandler also offered to work on an emergency basis to cover those courts temporarily.

Chandler and Bailey’s vacancies aren’t the only ones in the Okanogan County Prosecutor’s Office. Two district court deputy prosecuting attorney positions are also vacant. One of the attorneys resigned with 30 minutes’ notice in early January. The other post has been vacant since November.