[4/15/22] More On AmeriCorps Volunteers In Pateros

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We told you of a team of nine young adults who are in the Pateros area with AmeriCorps. They’re in the area to work on building eight homes for fire survivors of the 2020 disaster, as well as on projects for remodeling the Pateros Treehouse Early Education Organization. A couple of them were guests on Monday’s 2nd Cup of Coffee program, but we didn’t have time to introduce them yesterday, so we’ll do that today.

Charles Ziegert is the Communities Relations Representative, who spends time telling people and organizations about what they’re doing; this is his first visit to Washington, as it is for eight of the nine team members:

N-Triple-C is the National Civilian Community Corps, where teams go out to complete a variety of projects pertaining to education, disaster services, the environment and other unmet needs. Chloe Dinwiddie is another team member:

Both Charles and Chloe say they were surprised by the setting and the climate here:

The AmeriCorps team has already been here one week, they’re in Pateros until June 24th.