[2/8/18] More Details From Tuesday’s Fire Task Force Presentation Of Findings To Chelan Commissioners

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Last fall, Chelan Fire & Rescue commissioners appointed a ten person community task force, charged with analyzing all district operations- current and future.

On Tuesday evening, the task force reported their findings to the three person fire commission. That led to a lengthy question and answer session which began with Commissioner Tom Peters…

020818 Task Force 1

Commissioner Peters was referring to six full time career firefighter positions currently funded by a federal grant that will expire at the end of 2018.

Commissioners made it clear that at their current revenue level, they cannot retain those six firefighters once those grants expire.

In a nutshell, in order to keep those six firefighters, taxes have to be raised.

Commissioner Peters asked for a clarification…

020818 Task Force 2

That last statement came from retired Chelan District Ranger, Bob Sheehan, one of ten members of the citizen task force.

Task Force member, Corron Polley, addressed the room full of firefighters, commissioners and administrators, added this statement…

020818 Task Force 3

Prior to Tuesday’s presentation, Chelan Fire commissioners did receive a draft executive summary of the task force’s findings. In depth complete finding will be distributed to commissioners later this week and copies to the public should be available in seven to ten days.