[8/30/16] More Details Emerging From Friday’s Boat Accident On Lake Chelan

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More details are coming to the forefront following Friday’s horrific boat crash on Lake Chelan.

Chelan County Sheriff’s Marine Deputy, Ryan Moody, told KOZI the first call to Rivercom Dispatch came in at about 11 PM…


Deputy Moody said what began as a search operation quickly turned into a rescue operation…


The names of the two injured boat occupants have not been released, however the boat is registered to Jet Ski’s Ahoy on West Woodin Avenue and the two occupants are employees of the boat rental company.


That’s Chelan County Sheriff Marine Deputy, Ryan Moody.

A 27-year old male patient was located 200 yards uphill with shoulder injuries. He was taken to Lake Chelan Community Hospital and later released.

A 30 year old male patient was located 500 yards uphill with head and abdomen injuries and was airlifted to a Seattle hospital.

Both patients are expected to fully recover from their injuries.

The entire rescue operation took several hours. The first call was just before 11PM, and it took until nearly 3 AM for the airlift to be completed.

The water ski style boat was located partly submerged and was located about 500 yards uplake from the patients.