[11/19/21] Monday Storm And Power Outages

Posted in Public Utility

Everyone is back online now, but it was anything but that on Monday, according to the PUD’s in the area. Chelan County PUD responded to two outages, the first one on the south shore of Lake Wenatchee due to a downed tree in the line due to high winds, with power restored around 10:40 p.m. But according to the PUD’s Rachel Hansen, a second outage was a bit trickier:

And Hansen reminds PUD customers that more winter storms are no doubt in the offing; if there is an outage in your area, check chelanpud.org, they’ll post updates and a restoration time if they have one available. If your outage isn’t listed on the website, give the PUD outage line a call at 1-877-PUD-8123.

Douglas County PUD made it through the storm unscathed; PUD Public Information Officer Meagan Vibbert told KOZI she had prepared for the worst, but surprisingly, no outages in Douglas County.

So it seems that Okanogan County PUD customers got the worst of it, according to their PUD’s communications manager Sheila Corson:

Corson adds that the Methow Valley region was hardest hit:

Okanogan County PUD’s Sheila Corson.