[11/19/21] Methow Housing Trust Seeking To Grow

Posted in Local Government & Meetings

The Methow Housing Trust is looking to build more houses, faster.
In the past four years, the Housing Trust has completed an average of one house every two months.
Building on that record of success, the nonprofit hopes to double that average in the coming years, as well as partner with another area housing group to provide affordable rentals, among other long-term goals.
The Housing Trust has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Housing Authority of Okanogan County to partner to allow the authority to manage multi-family rental units in at least one Methow Housing Trust community in the future.
The housing trust became an official nonprofit in 2017 and began building houses that year on Canyon Street in Twisp. So far, they’ve completed 13 homes at that site.
Another eight homes in Mazama’s McKinney Ridge neighborhood were also completed more than a year ago — making 21 total homes built by Methow Housing Trust in the valley in four years. The nonprofit also kept a balanced budget, the board reported Thursday, spending $6.9 million on operations and capital investments (including building and buying land), and taking in $7.1 million in donations and sales of finished homes.
The Housing Trust is looking at securing more land to build houses. MHT is also expanding its staff and is hiring for a chief operating officer.