[10/4/18] Mentoring with Thrive Chelan Valley

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Schools are doing more than teaching the three R’s these days, they’re working more on making kids good people, emotionally well-balanced and poised for success once they go out on their own. One way the Lake Chelan School District is doing that is by partnering with Thrive Chelan Valley on a mentoring program for students. Tori Carpenter is Thrive’s mentoring coordinator:

Carpenter says mentoring doesn’t take that much, other than time and a desire:

Lake Chelan School Superintendent Barry DiPaoli says they’re particularly looking for mentoring at the elementary school level. Anyone interested can call Tori Carpenter at Thrive Chelan Valley, her number is 509-901-6155, her email is tori@thrivechelanvalley-dot-com.